The new International Olive Council website goes live

On 19 November 2019, the new IOC website officially went live. One year after the conclusion of the first phase of the analysis, and in keeping with the terms of the contract, the IOC can now offer a completely new communication system, thanks to the work of Member States and the Executive Secretariat. The new Observatory can also now be launched in the second half of 2020

International Olive Council

The new International Olive Council website goes live

The first major new feature of this site is that all standards, decisions and methods of the Chemistry Unit have been updated and are now easier to consult. Simply click on “What do we do?”, select “Chemistry and Standardisation Unit” and then click “Standards and Methods” on the right-hand side. The next step will be statistical data, starting in January.

We also invite you to visit our new online library, which now offers a wider range of digital titles.

We have decided to migrate only the public part of the website for the time being, without changing the identifiers and passwords for access to the private area. We are doing this so as to not disrupt the session of the Council of Members, which will take place between 25 and 29 November. The heads of delegation, users and experts of the various working groups will be redirected to the current private area.

The Executive Secretariat will migrate the private space once the 110th session has concluded. Users will soon receive an instruction manual with clear instructions explaining the new procedures for accessing the private area.

For now, the public area will only be available in English. Many of the texts have been completely rewritten. In 2020, these texts will be translated into the other languages to give access to our readers all around the world.

Thank you all for your contribution and happy surfing!

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