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There is time until April 20 to send the olive oils for the Milan International Olive Oil Award competition

Exceptionally, given the bad international situation related to the Covid emergency, with the couriers burdened by the huge flow of shipments, the organizing comitee of MIOOA has decided to extend the deadline for participating in the second edition of MIOOA contest. New deadline for delivery of the olive oils to Milan is mandatory

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There is time until April 20 to send the olive oils for the Milan International Olive Oil Award competition

Why should awards be part of your business strategy, especially in a year as challenging as 2021?

Few companies are aware of the value of awards. Many companies often produce amazing results for their customers but are not recognised for their efforts.

The MIOOA is a unique competition, organised in cooperation with the oldest tasting school ONAOO, a further sign of authority.

By participating in the MIOOA and being recognised, your company can:

  1. Increase credibility through relaunch on social media and other communication channels
  2. Increase the possibility of new requests for your olive oils
  3. Improve the Benchmark and positioning of your company in Italy and abroad
  4. Your oil will be presented to the most important food service and retail-chain buyers
  5. Become part of the An insider’s guide to the world’s finest commercial extra-virgin olive oils

Register your participation today

Download the participation form:

MIOOA 2021, Regulation, Application form, Product data sheet, Producer data sheet

MIOOA 2021, Regolamento, Modulo di partecipazione, Scheda prodotto, Scheda aziendale

MIOOA 20201 Reglamento, Formulario de inscripción, Ficha del producto, Ficha de la empresa

MIOOA 2021, Reglement, Bulletin d’inscription, Fiche produit, Fice signaletique de l’entreprise

Fill out the participation form with capital letters.Send it back with the bank deposit receipt to

Mail us three bottles, or other containers, perfectly packaged, for each oil

sample that you wish to enter into the competition until the 20st april 2021.


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