Ioc technical cooperation with Georgia

Ioc technical cooperation with Georgia in continuous activity. The team of experts visited olive plantations and olive extraction with the aim of providing an overview of olive growing in Georgia to formulate proposals to develop the sector

Olio Officina

Ioc technical cooperation with Georgia

Georgia joined the International Olive Council, Ioc, in 2019, as an emerging producer country.

Despite the small areas cultivated with olive trees and the small quantity of olive oil and table olives produced, the public authorities attach great importance to the development of olive growing.

It is in this context and within the framework of cooperation with the Ioc that a mission to evaluate the current situation and to propose paths for the future development of the olive sector in Georgia took place in December 2021.

The expert team was formed by Pablo Morello, Head of the Olive Oil Technology and Environment Department from the Ioc, and Hristofor Miho, Researcher and R&D Project Manager of the University of Córdoba.

Together, they visited olive plantations, olive extraction and table olive production facilities and new areas to establish future olive plantations.

They also attended a meeting with the stakeholders in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.

The aim of the mission was to provide an overview of olive growing in Georgia, to identify the main constraints and to formulate proposals to develop Georgia’s olive sector.

Since the mission, various online meetings involving both parties have taken place.

During these meetings, the final mission report was introduced and the next steps for fostering the olive sector in Georgia were discussed.

Explanations of the report were communicated to Georgian officials.

Discussions were initiated for implementing the proposed action plan.

The Ioc wishes Georgia a fruitful membership and a sustainable and prosperous olive sector development.

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